Yorkshire Day Civic Celebration gets its own logo.

Yorkshire Day was founded by the Yorkshire Ridings Society in 1975 to celebrate the continuing existence of the ancient County of Yorkshire in the face of local government changes the previous year, especially the introduction of new administrative counties like ‘Humberside’ and ‘Cleveland’). 

The first annual procession and celebration of the Civic Yorkshire Day, under the auspices of the then ‘Yorkshire Society’ took place in York on 1 August 1985.

For more than 30 years the event has essentially had a name but not an identity, until now.

Starting with this year’s event, which is being hosted by Whitby Town Council, a logo specially designed for the event will be used in all the communications for it. As a result, finally, The Yorkshire Society will receive the recognistion it deserves as the organisers and guardians of this increasingly important occasion – now a major fixture of the County’s calendar.

Not only are Whitby using the new logo, but Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council – the hosts of the event in 2020 – too. All future hosts will be required to use the logo to ensure the Society’s involvement is known.