The Yorkshire Society is launching a ‘Big Yorkshire Conversation’ in what we hope will be a wide-ranging discussion about the future of the region.

We believe this conversation will allow the people of Yorkshire to think how Yorkshire should be defined, to take stock of where Yorkshire is now and to consider all the options for the future of the region and make informed decisions about it. In other words, a Big Yorkshire Conversation.

The current debate (such as it is) about Yorkshire’s future has been limited to behind closed doors discussions between local council leaders and Government ministers. It has meant that the vast majority of Yorkshire people have had no say in their future.

We, in The Yorkshire Society, believe this is such a landmark moment in the development of Yorkshire that it deserves wider consideration and as much public input as possible. It also causes us to pause and think about Yorkshire. How do we define Yorkshire identity and our sense of Yorkshireness? How do these things feed into the devolution and levelling up agendas of the Government?

Any debate that has taken place so far has been very limited in scope and participation. Broadening this debate would be good for Yorkshire, good for democracy and add support to any conclusions arrived at. Hence The Yorkshire Society proposes a ‘Big Yorkshire Conversation’ to allow the people of ‘God’s Own’ to explore and understand their options and help decide their own future.

To open this conversation, we are inviting people to complete this online survey, presented in collaboration with the University of Hull.


Thank you for your participation.

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