The Society sends its warmest congratulations to HM The Queen on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee next month.

To celebrate this 70th anniversary, we asked Milly Johnson, Vice President of the Society, to write a poem on behalf of the people of Yorkshire to mark the occasion. A video of Milly performing the poem, in her own inimitable style, is coming soon but for now, here are the words.


A Job Well Done

I used to think the easiest job

Of all was to be Queen

Waving through the window

Of a long, sleek limousine

Shaking hands with film stars

In a glittery sequinned gown

Looking a million dollars

In a jewel-encrusted crown

The best box at the theatre

The prime seat at the races

A choice of royal castles

In so many stunning places

Riding on your plush royal train

The height of luxury

Stopping off in Yorkshire though

To taste the world’s best tea

But as I’ve grown I’ve realised

The amount of dedication

It must take to be a monarch

At the head of a great nation

To pin a smile upon your face

When you’re not feeling your best

When you have to meet and mingle

Though you’re ready for a rest

To travel round the globe

When your dearest wish would be

To chill at home with loved ones

In front of a TV

The spotlight always on you

You can’t escape the glare

Even when your heart is breaking

‘Cause your strength and stay ain’t there

To sacrifice your own wants

For the greater good of us

And doing what you have to

With no drama and no fuss

Being dignified and steadfast

Working all the days God gave

Showing politicians everywhere

The way they should behave

And when you’re out among folk

Your presence is a gift

A little touch of magic

In lives that need a lift

It’s a job that few could do

So how lucky have we been

For seventy cracking years

To have had you as our Queen

Our fond, familiar backdrop

Our constant and our calm

The rock that we all turn to

When our worlds are wracked by harm

Our bastion of common strength

Our unifying force

Our compass in unstable times

That keeps the ship on course

Our love and thanks are yours

I hope that’s plain to see

Now, and in the years beyond

Your Platinum Jubilee

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