Calling all Yorkshire women in business…your time has come.

The Yorkshire Society has started a ‘women in business’ group and invites all those interested to get involved. It’s free.

Making up 50% of the population, it stands to reason that this under-represented and often under-estimated part of the Yorkshire economy should be supported and encouraged by The Yorkshire Society.

We already have a number of working women among our membership and we’d like to help facilitate their further success and welcome any others to what is intended to be a collaborative, relaxed and friendly group. We are sure they can help each other and the Society can definitely provide the means with organising, for example, networking opportunities, special events, workshops, trainings, tutorials and promotion of a common cause – the success of Yorkshire’s women in business.

Online and offline, the possibilities for members of the group are endless.

The idea of a dedicated female group within the Society has already been raised with some female members and has met with a positive response so, whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, an employee working full time or part time, or you simply have a side hustle or you are a student preparing for the world of work, our Women in Business Group offers the same benefit…mutual support, supported by The Yorkshire Society.

The purpose of the group is to create a community of Yorkshire businesswomen, allowing them to:

  1. Build strong business relationships.
  2. Give and receive practical, mental and emotional support.
  3. Learn and share experience and expertise.
  4. Work together and collaborate.
  5. Organise group events and activities that benefit everyone in it.

And the Society will give its full backing too.

We now invite all Yorkshire women interested in business – business owners, working mums, senior managers, ambitious executives and budding entrepreneurs – to join our Women in Business Group by registering below.

You do not need to be a member of The Yorkshire Society to join the group – and everyone is welcome – though membership of the Society is FREE or you can pay a fee for additional benefits, full details HERE.


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