Chadwick Lawrence, a leading legal firm based in Yorkshire and sponsor members of the Society, is thrilled to announce a significant development in its senior team structure with the addition of six new Members as part of their brand-new Tailored Equity Scheme – Howard Dapin, Nils O’Donoghue, Jack Oldroyd, Sam Pawson, Bhavna Patel and Joshua Smith.

This expansion marks a pivotal moment in the firm’s growth, reinforcing its commitment to developing its staff and innovation in legal services. The scheme facilitates partners to access equity participation in non-conventional terms, expanding the opportunities for more employees to advance within the Firm. Chadwick Lawrence has introduced this scheme as part of their ongoing commitment to staff development and innovation regardless of an employee’s pathway into a legal career. As members within the firm, they will have access to numerous benefits from equity ownership, to increased influence and recognition and career advancement. 

The appointment of these six Partners is a testament to Chadwick Lawrence’s dedication to nurturing internal talent and fostering a culture of ownership within the organisation. By offering them a stake in the business, Chadwick Lawrence aims to create a more engaged and motivated team, ultimately benefiting its clients through enhanced legal services.

“Chadwick Lawrence is proud to welcome Howard, Nils, Jack, Sam, Bhavna and Joshua as members,” said Howard Willis, Partner at Chadwick Lawrence. “Their exceptional expertise and dedication have been instrumental in the firm’s success, and we believe that by granting them a stake in our business, we can harness their continued commitment to deliver outstanding legal services.”

The inclusion of these new Members aligns with Chadwick Lawrence’s long-term vision to retain top-tier talent, foster professional growth, and maintain its reputation as a leader in the legal industry. This strategic move reinforces the firm’s commitment to excellence and positions it for sustained success.

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Shown in the photo above, left to right: Cheryl Largue, Nils O’Donoghue, Sarah Haller, Howard Dapin, Jack Oldroyd, Josh Smith, Asma Iqbal, Bhavna Patel.

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