The Yorkshire Society receives no public funds. Its survival depends almost entirely on individuals and organisations who share its values, aims and ambitions for Yorkshire joining as members.

After careful consideration, The Yorkshire Society has now revised its membership fees. New membership fees will come into effect from 1st January 2022. We want to encourage more indviduals to join by making membership permanent for one initial joining fee, so no annual renewals. And we’ve restructured corporate membership to better reflect the very wide range of organisation and business sizes we have in Yorkshire, from sole traders to multi-nationals.


The cost of joining The Yorkshire Society for private individuals is still £24. However, membership is now for life and for only one initial payment.

Members will, from time to time, have the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution to the Society’s running costs rather than pay an annual membership fee, though there is no obligation.


Corporate membership is for any business, social enterprise, non-commercial organisation or registered charity on an annual basis. The amount you pay per year for corporate membership is determined by the number of employees in your organisation.

VAT not applicable.

For further information please write to

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