Corporate Membership – Why Join?

Joining the Yorkshire Society is a boost for your business, a boost for employee’s morale and a boost for Yorkshire.

As a Corporate Member you have a pro-active organisation behind you, creating ways to help your business grow and supporting you, personally and your business as a whole.

As a Corporate Member you get:

Access to a network of high-level contacts in business, government and local authorities.

Promotion of your business service or product to other corporate members, all eager to support fellow members.

Networking opportunities at Society events.

Invitation to a growing list of high-profile, exclusive Society events, e.g.

  • YBM Exhibition and Conference
  • Yorkshire Day
  • Yorkshire Awards
  • Yorkshire History Prize

VIP networking with our Vice Presidents and Ambassadors.

Discounted prices for Society events and activities.

Event organisation that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Preferential rates for Society services.

Exclusive sponsorship and promotional opportunities.

Use of the Society logo to denote your membership and your commitment to Yorkshire.

Exposure of your business to a large and growing public membership that goes far beyond the borders of Yorkshire.

We like to work closely with our corporate members and can organise events and sales promotional activities
in line with their individual business objectives.