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We are a not-for-profit fundraising organisation that supports good causes for Yorkshire but we cannot do it without your generosity so THANK YOU for being a friend and making a donation.

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The Society is very pro-business, Yorkshire organisations and charities and corporate membership is open to any business, social enterprise or non-commercial organisation with an interest in Yorkshire.

The Yorkshire Society likes to support its corporate members and works with them to make sure their membership is both beneficial and rewarding through a range of services, events, promotion and networking opportunities.

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Ordinary people needed to achieve extraordinary things.

Do you share our interest in, and commitment to, ‘God’s own County’? As the Society grows so does our need for people to help with the increased workload; there’s more fundraising to do, more events to organise, more good causes to support and more businesses to help.

Everything we do is for Yorkshire and not for profit, so we can’t pay you. But if you would like to get involved hands-on and have the time or specialist skills we might need, we’d like to hear from you.

Whether you are available full time, part time, or just sometime, we’ll welcome you and your help. Write to [email protected] for more information or to volunteer your services.