What do you do when 3,500 hotel bookings get cancelled as a result of a global pandemic and you are suddenly facing nearly £500,000 in lost revenue?

Well, if you are Malcolm Weaving and you own the Rendezous Hotel in Skipton, you show true Yorkshire grit, pick yourself up and make the most of a bad situation.

Malcolm, wife Karen and their 80 staff have not sat idle during the coronavirus lockdown, and are living up to their optimistic motto ‘never bend down without picking something up’. Malcolm says “It’s been the biggest commercial challenge we’ve ever faced but my true Yorkshire spirit is adamant we must keep the momentum going and prepare ourselves for when this war against the virus has been won”.

As a result, the Rendezvous Hotel is now ready to come out of lockdown on 3rd August with new ideas and a ‘can do’ attitude. Knowing Malcolm and Karen as we do (they are corporate members and keen supporters of The Yorkshire Society) it’s not surprising they are coming back with a bang and a couple of special offers to kickstart their business.

We, like Malcolm, are confident that the Yorkshire tourist industry, reputedly worth around £9b to the local economy pre-coronavurus, will bounce back sooner rather than later and that there will be a ‘boom’ following the lockdown as UK travellers choose staycations rather than foreign locations for their holiday, this year at least, with Yorkshire Dales, Scottish Highland and Snowdonia the three most searched-for destinations for Brits in lockdown.


Pre opening offer Rendezvous Hotel


The hotel has also had to delay the launch of its new venture, a canal dining boat called Graceful Swan capable of serving over 50 customers at a time. For enquiries and bookings, please contact info@gracefulswan.co.uk

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