Andel, specialists in environmental products and services

Founded in 1992, Andel has steadily grown to become one of the global market leaders in the design, development and application of specialist leak detection, water sustainability, flood defence and environmental protection systems. Andel is headquartered off Junction 37, M1 in Yorkshire and operatives throughout the UK and overseas.

Andel has gained an enviable reputation in its field for innovation and cutting-edge research and development. By listening to customers and understanding their challenges and with many years of practical, hands-on experience, the Andel team has developed unrivalled commercial knowledge and a common sense, cost-effective approach.

Andel Mission Statement

Andel will deliver innovative solutions to the environmental protection and leak detection markets. We will provide the highest quality products and services with the very best aftercare in the industry. We will foster a working environment where every employee is happy to work by treating people like family, empowering them and providing personal development opportunities. We will be a carbon neutral business and will support customers in achieving and maintaining their own environmental objectives.

Andel Values

Help each other achieve through teamwork
Respect others and treat them as you would like to be treated
High quality of workmanship
Put the customer first
No blame culture

Keeping great company

The Andel philosophy is prevention rather than cure. Which is why we carry out regular inspections and risk assessments to fully understand all the potential risks to a customer’s site, in order to deliver the best possible solution for every customer every time.

For over a quarter of a century Andel has worked in all major industries and market sectors. Users of Andel’s products and services include many of the world’s leading blue chip organisations.

Vist the Andel website HERE.

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