Rotherham is a borough with its sights set on the future

We’ve come through the global pandemic in the best Rotherham traditions; working hard, looking out for each other, protecting those who need it the most. And as we face up to the coming years, the Council’s role in our community should live up to that ethic.

We’ve come a long way in reforming our social care services, investing in bricks and mortar, staff and provision, to ensure we keep each other safe and secure.

We’ve started a huge programme of physical regeneration, investing in our roads, libraries, and town and village centres – but we need to see it through to ensure we secure the full benefits in every community.

We’ve begun to put a floor under low wages as a Living Wage Employer and we’re attracting new businesses and higher paid jobs. We’re building homes that people can afford to live in, in communities people will aspire to live in.

Everyone benefits from an improving local environment, from better transport, the chance to lower home energy bills or for our young people activities in the community. But because we look out for each other,
we also know that some members of our community need more support than others; with the cost of living, or their personal care needs, or help to stand on their own two feet and get into work.

So our plan is clear about the benefit we will bring to every resident in every corner of the borough, but also that we will focus extra attention where we need to, ensuring that everyone has a platform on which to stand and realise their ambitions.

The Council can’t do everything, but working with our partners and our communities, we can and we are delivering real change and improvement. This Council Plan marks the next stage in that journey.

Rotherham is our home, and together we will build a future we can all share.

Councillor Chris Read
Leader of Rotherham Council


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