Every once in a while, The Yorkshire Society reviews its membership offer to ensure it reflects the needs of both members and the Society.

The Society is for people who love Yorkshire, plain and simple, and there’s no better way to demonstrate your love of Yorkshire than by joining.

Because the Society does not receive any public funding and is self-sufficient and proudly independent, it relies almost entirely on individuals and organisations to join as members in order to generate the funds it needs to survive.

And survive it must, since no other organisation does what The Yorkshire Society does; bring the people of Yorkshire together; unite 4 separate counties under the one name they all share with pride and promote the Yorkshire brand.

Over the past few months, we have been reviewing our membership offers, focussing on our corporate membership packages in particular to ensure we provide an option for every organisation, and give value for money.


We felt Yorkshire Day was an appropriate day to introduce the new membership packages and so the Society’s website will be updated and have full details from that date.

To summarise, from 1st August 2023, any individual or organisation will be able to join the Society for FREE.  However, for those wanting more from the Society, the Society will ask for a membership fee in return for membership benefits:

£48 for ‘Friend for Life’ individual membership – a once only payment and no annual renewal needed.

£200, £800 or £2000 per annum for corporate membership of any organisations, commercial or non-commercial, who will then receive the corresponding  level of benefits or, for those organisations wanting the highest Sponsor level status, with its tailored benefits, the annual fee is subject to negotiation.

Existing corporate members need not worry. Their current membership continues as is until it expires at which point they can renew and select whichever new membership package best suits them.


Membership of The Yorkshire Society comes with an extensive list of benefits and the distinct advantage of being part of a well-connected and influential organisation that does great things for Yorkshire.

If you’d like to discuss membership of the Society and what the Society can do for you, please get in touch: contact@theyorkshiresociety.org

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