Following an article in the December edition of The Dalesman (you can find a copy of our website HERE) asking if Yorkshire people were proud to be called Tykes, or not, we received this lovely message from Dales artist Val Walker-Witton: 

Having read your article in the December Dalesman I feel very strongly that I must reply.

Of course, I am proud to be called a Tyke.  I was born in Heckmondwike in the West Riding. As were most of my family – the Walkers – and the Listers from Halifax.

When I was at college in Oxford I used the word to describe myself and put southerners in their place. My dog is called Tyke (born near Clapham).

I explain to so many people what the word means. Many think of the word as a young mischievous boy – but they are soon put right. And why not be associated with strong, rebellious ideas, tramping around the moors – it is what Yorkshire folk are made of – and yes I am female, 78 years old and wear a flat cap.

Please check Arnold Kellett’s Yorkshire Dictionary page 190. ‘The nickname is now generally accepted by Yorkshire people who proudly apply it to themselves’

So, shout it loud and clear around the world!

Yours in Yorkshire

Val Walker-Wilton in Upper Wharfedale.

You can see Val’s paintings here.

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