We’d like to focus a little attention on our corporate member Doodle HR, based in Harrogate, and their founder Nancy Prest.

Many companies have neither the size nor resource to warrant their own Human Resources (HR) departments, but this is where Doodle HR spotted an opportunity – to make HR affordable to all companies no matter how small.

The business was set up in 2013 by Nancy Prest, an experienced HR Professional with CIPD graduate qualifications at Masters Level, a Diploma in Employment Law and importantly a number of years’ experience in public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Nancy also has a wealth of knowledge around understanding regulation and policy development as well as the importance of compliance for small to medium sized businesses.

So, through Doodle, companies can call upon expert HR skills, as and when required without the expense of taking this resource in house with a team on the company books. Nancy’s business means that clients can take advantage of the latest up to the minute practical advice as they require through Nancy or her network of Employment law solicitors.

Other areas of expertise include Doodle HR’s in house Health and Safety expert who can help businesses and SME’s by reviewing risks, conducting health and safety training, policies and management systems to ensure businesses stay compliant.

Nancy believes one of the key benefits for her clients is the “overall peace of mind with their HR issues”. She also explained how “every business is different so we provide specially tailored packages to suit everyone’s needs”. With many of the SME’s who use Doodle HR’s services, the people in charge are often too tied up running their businesses to keep up to speed with the latest legislation and policy changes.

By outsourcing this to Doodle HR it means companies can ensure policies and procedures are up to date with Doodle just acting like an extension of the management team. Areas of expertise include Performance Management, Employee Engagement, Contracts, Policies, Procedures, Handbooks, Sickness, Absence, Health & Safety, Restructures, Disciplinaries and Redundancy.

Doodle HR offer a number of packages such as retained monthly fees or the advance purchase of time bank credits for future work which can be topped up as needed.

Webite: Doodle HR

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