Members of the Yorkshire Society recently paid a visit to Sound Leisure in Cross Gates, Leeds and received a very warm welcome.

The family owned company, a proud corporate member of the Society, is one of only two in the world still manufacturing traditional hand-made wooden jukeboxes, and the only one to make machines that play vinyl records.

The visit started with a talk by Chris Black, Managing Director who told us the fascinating history of how the company, which will soon celebrate its 40th anniversary, started and how it grew to be the huge success that it is today.  Chris then took us on a tour of the factory and we saw the manufacturing process from start to finish.

The factory employs a skilled workforce with talents ranging from woodworking and metal working to design and electronics, they also have a number of apprentices. Amongst the workforce there are nine families who have or have had, several generations working at the factory.

A fascinating visit to what can truly be regarded as a local business proudly flying the flag for Yorkshire. Our thanks to Chris and his team for making us so welcome.

Linda Atkins – Events Director

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