The BBC website took an interest in our Big Yorkshire Conversation project and reported as follows:

Big Yorkshire Conversation survey asks ‘What is Yorkshireness?’

An online survey is asking questions about what gives the county of Yorkshire its identity and how people define ‘Yorkshireness’?

The Yorkshire Society’s Big Yorkshire Conversation is asking these thorny questions with the aid of the University of Hull.

It is the largest county in the UK with more than 5,000,000 inhabitants. Stewart Arnold, of the university, said: “It’s like a country in miniature, such is the diversity.”

The Yorkshire Society, a non political and not-for-profit organisation, said it hoped the survey would start “a wide-ranging discussion about the future of the region”.

It includes questions on Yorkshire identity, use of the Yorkshire name by companies and devolution.

Stewart Arnold, from the University of Hull, said: “We want to try and understand the Yorkshire brand, it is quite powerful and people put positive cues on Yorkshire products.

“I thought ‘what are these attributes? How is Yorkshireness expressed?'” Mr Arnold, a lecturer at the university’s Business School, said for him there were three particularly important elements, landscape, diversity of locations and the county’s people.

The accessibility of Yorkshire’s countryside from the area’s big towns and cities also played a part in its appeal “you get the best of both worlds,” he said.

Mr Arnold said companies were waking up to the power of using Yorkshire to help market their products, citing the population’s perceived “quirky humour and no nonsense, straight-talking.

“Anything that helps business go forward after Covid and Brexit is a good thing.”

The questions on Yorkshire devolution were included as The Yorkshire Society thought the debate had passed most people by, he said.

About 500 replies had already been received and as the “bigger the sample the better”, he hoped that number would at least double.The survey was launched in April and is open to anyone and due to finish mid-May.


There are now well over 1000 replies to the survey. You can find the original article on the BBC website HERE And you can still complete the survey and ‘have your say’ HERE.

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