There’s something about knowing the absolute centre of a place or region, or even country – there, feels like the natural home of a place’s heart and soul, and we felt that way about Yorkshire.

A county the size of Yorkshire, and one with such an irregular shape, is a difficult place to map. So when we wanted to know where the centre of Yorkshire was we asked the experts, in fact several experts and even the opinions of the great Yorkshire public, who, in true Yorkshire style, gave a range of answers some of which we can not repeat!

Ordnance Survey, the national mapping agency of the United Kingdom no less, and about as official a body as you can get, have worked it out with absolute accuracy and we are very grateful to them.

We knew there are several ways you can determine the centre of something or somewhere, but we decided the ‘gravitational’ centre was the most appropriate and understandable for the general public.

After careful analysis and calculation, OS have determined that the centre of God’s Own County is at coordinates 449849.854 and 454205.65

This is a little west of York and we will now set out to visit the place and investigate the possibility of marking the spot in some way. Watch this space.

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