The Yorkshire Society, represented by Deputy Chair, Geoff Walsh, and CEO, Philip Bell, attended the latest committee meeting of The Yorkshire Ridings Society in York.

Both Societies were of one voice on the key issue of Yorkshire’s border and there can’t be many occassions when more pro-active Yorkshireness was in one room. The Yorkshire Rigings Society, which pre-dates The Yorkshire Society by 5 years, shared their opinions on a number of areas of mutual interest and the two Societies have agreed to continue talks and to consider how they can work more closely together.

The Yorkshire Ridings Society was formed in 1975 at the time when massive changes were being made to local government and the areas which they administered. Since then they have been working to ensure that the integrity of Yorkshire, its three Ridings and all the associated boundaries is maintained.

In that time too they have established the Yorkshire Flag we all now rally round, and the day we most rally round it; Yorkshire Day itself.

Worthy of particular note is Michael Bradford (back row, third from the right), a lifelong member of both Societies and responsible for much of the historical research and writings that the Societies turn to for reference. Michael chaired this historic meeting and provided an informed knowledge of both organisations to ensure the meeting was productive.

More about The Yorkshire Ridings Society here.

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