The Yorkshire Society awards traditional blue plaques to commemorate influential lives, and larger white plaques to mark important achievements by businesses and organisations in the County.

Now we are launching the ‘100 Club’ specifically to recognise those Yorkshire businesses reaching the significant milestone of 100 years of continuous trading.

It’s no mean feat to succeed in business, just to survive is an achievement. To do both for 100 years is something worthy of formal recognition and celebration. As a result The Yorkshire Society, which celebrates and promotes everything that’s great about Yorkshire, has created the ‘100 Club’ for Yorkshire businesses celebrating 100 years of trading, helping develop its economy and creating jobs for generations.

Businesses who reach 100 years have a wealth of experience to pass on to new and younger businesses and can also be a source of inspiration for them. This is what The Yorkshire Society seeks to achieve with this new initiative.

The first company to receive this accolade is Sydney Packett & Sons Limited, insurance brokers based in Shipley which started in 1920.

Once the current coronavirus problem is behind us and government guidance allows, Packett’s will be receiving their special hand-painted white plaque made in Yorkshire from cast-iron. A formal unveiling event will be organised with VIPs and the media in attendance for a later date.

If you know a Yorkshire company reaching the 100 year milestone, let us know. You can nominate someone or a business for a plaque HERE,

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