We are pleased to announce that as well as our growing network of regional bodies, forming the Yorkshire Heritage Guardians, we are now actively in the process of setting up a complementary network of more localised Yorkshire Heritage Champions.

You can see our previous announcement about the Yorkshire Heritage Guardians here.

The difference between Guardians and Champions is essentially one of size and scale. Heritage Guardians are regional bodies covering the whole of Yorkshire, whereas Heritage Champions are the grass root bodies that operate locally.

Protecting what we all hold so dear is an important task and one which local authorities are often unable to do. So, it has become the job of countless voluntary organisations who struggle to cope, but for whom Yorkshire grit, and a determination to get things done, proves invaluable.

The Yorkshire Society is welcoming all such independent local voluntary groups based within the historic three counties of Yorkshire (East North and West Ridings), and that are involved in any relevant way with celebrating, sharing and protecting the cultural heritage and natural environmental of their local area, to register with the Yorkshire Society as a Heritage Champion.

The idea is a simple one – to support local volunteer amenity groups by encouraging networking between them, but also when required between them and the larger regional Heritage Guardians, in order to share information and ideas and for mutual support – especially if there are important campaigning issues to become involved with.

The Yorkshire Society already has more than 10 regional Heritage Guardians ready to collaborate and to that we would like to add as many smaller local Champions as we can.

The Yorkshire Heritage Guardians and Champions will be officially launched in January 2021. If you are a village society, civic society, local naturalists’, history, conservation or archaeology group, we’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch, get involved and let’s protect Yorkshire together. To find out more, write to contact@theyorkshiresociety.org

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