The Yorkshire Heritage Guardians

“Heritage” is a somewhat overused word, but strictly speaking it means something that is handed down from one person or one generation to another.

Join us at the 2023 Yorkshire Heritage Summit. Victoria Hall, Saltaire. 18th May 2023.

Here at The Yorkshire Society we take Yorkshire’s heritage very seriously so we created the Yorkshire Heritage Guardians to provide the region’s many voluntary, not for profit and charitable organisations, large and small – some of them learned societies with a history going back nearly 200 years – with a much needed means to work together to both protect and promote Yorkshire’s priceless heritage as a whole.

All share The Yorkshire Society’s passion for what makes our region great: its history, culture, landscape, nature and people.


Support each member’s work and projects.

Promote the value and importance of Yorkshire’s heritage.

Provide a united voice with authority.

Identify areas of mutual interest.

Initiate group events and activities.

Lobby as a collective to increase influence.

Organise the annual Yorkshire heritage summit.

Who’s Involved?

These organisations have all joined us and are working together to protect and promote Yorkshire’s heritage.

Click on a name to find out more about what they do.

An Open Invitation

If your organisation would like to be involved and join the Yorkshire Heritage Guardians, please get in touch.

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