Can you help? Here at The Yorkshire Society we are keen to answer a nutty problem and establish, once and for all, where the centre of God’s own County actually is.

There have been serious academic investigations in the past and even an Ordnance Survey answer to the question, but they came up with different locations.

We think the answer is best found using the wit and wisdom of Yorkshire folk themselves, and so this survey gives you an opportunity to tell us where you think the centre of Yorkshire is.

Go to the survey and follow the simple instructions here:

We will use all your responses and re-consider the results of the academics and Ordnance Survey to reach a definitive answer. It is then our hope to mark the spot in a appropriate way.

Our thanks go to Dr Steve Carver for organising this survey. Dr Carver is a Geographer and Senior Lecturer at the School of Geography, University of Leeds.

What is very important is to get as many people to take the survey as possible so please circulate this and the link via your social media. We’ll report the findings once all information has been collected and evaluated.

Thank you.

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