The survey we distributed as part of the Big Yorkshire Conversation proved to be a huge success.
Thank you to all those who completed it. Altogether there were 4514 responses and this gives us a huge sample and one which will provide us with reliable results. The data is currently being analysed but one early finding we can share with you is that the White Rose is most felt to symbolise Yorkshire. This was chosen by 57% of respondents given a long list to choose from, way ahead of Yorkshire Pudding, which was second with 19%. The Yorkshire Terrier finished bottom of the list with just 0.3% choosing it.
We’ll be releasing the full results in the coming weeks as well as more details of the Big Yorkshire Conversation.
What is ‘The Big Yorkshire Conversation’? Read this story for the back story. Thank you to University of Hull and Stewart Arnold who are helping us with this project.

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