Why we exist

The stated aim of The Yorkshire Society is to “celebrate and promote everything that’s great about Yorkshire”. It exists to help maintain the traditional view of a single County and foster the inherent pride people from Yorkshire have in their identity and heritage.

It is also the aim of the Society to bring the people of Yorkshire, figuratively and literally together, for business or pleasure, for the benefit of the individual and the greater good.

The Yorkshire Society pro-actively supports its membership, whether individual, charity, social enterprise or business.

The Yorkshire Society is for ‘people who love Yorkshire’. Not only for people born in Yorkshire, but also for the many who have moved here and fallen in love with it, and not only for the people who live here, but also for the many who have moved away and want to maintain a connection with it.

The Yorkshire Society also reaches out to people from Yorkshire around the world, providing a means for them to stay connected to their ‘homeland’.

The Yorkshire Society organises major public events held in the name of the County, such as the Yorkshire Awards, Yorkshire Business Market (YBM), Yorkshire Day, for which the Society hosts the official civic event, and the Yorkshire History Prize, an academic research and essay competition.

With its neutral position, The Yorkshire Society is ideally placed to cooperate, collaborate and coordinate strategic partnerships and projects of benefit to the County without the negative influence of self-interest.

The Yorkshire Society is, of course, non-political and everything we do, we do for Yorkshire and not for profit. Not a charity ourselves, we are never the less charitable by nature and much of what we do raises funds for our charity members and the good causes in Yorkshire we support.

The Yorkshire Society sees Yorkshire as a nation within a nation; we have a flag, we have an anthem (kind of) and we have a unique culture. We see it as our responsibility to bring Yorkshire people together, in spirit if not in person, united behind a common pride in what Yorkshire and Yorkshire(ness) is.

Being the biggest county in the country, God’s own, there’s a lot for Yorkshire people to be proud of and for The Yorkshire Society to recognise; the County has a long and colourful history, has made countless contributions to the arts and culture, generated inventions and innovations that have helped shape the modern world and, of course, it has a jaw-droppingly beautiful landscape and coastline.

Yorkshire is a county with a unique character and tradition that needs safe hands to protect it for future generations – The Yorkshire Society provides those safe hands.

And the most important reason we exist? If we don’t do it, who will?

There are several ways to get involved with the Society, for business and pleasure.