The coronavirus pandemic is having a devasting effect on business and the economy in general, as we all know.

Therefore, because of the timeframes involved in organising and attending major events, we have decided to move our planned YBM20 business event to 2021, on a date to be decided.

You can register your interest below.

What is YBM20 (now YBM21)?

The Yorkshire Society has a vision in line with its stated purposes: to celebrate and promote everything that’s great about Yorkshire and to bring the people of Yorkshire together for business and pleasure. This vision is now even more relevant than before due to the effects of first Brexit and now coronavirus. We believe Yorkshire, Yorkshire business and its individual businesses need a showcase and a stage on which to present themselves. It’s time for Yorkshire business to step out from the shadows and into the limelight; to stop assuming everyone knows how great we are and to start telling them.

So, with the support of Yorkshire’s LEPs and other partners, we are planning a major business event at which Yorkshire can show itself, the country and the world what Yorkshire businesses have to offer.

This will be a forward-looking EXPO. A major business event comprising exhibitions, seminars, conferences and presentations etc, for all sectors and industries. On a size and scale worthy of the county it represents, it will focus on opportunity and optimism in what will innevitably be, post Brexit and coronavirus, a very different world of work and trade. And it will give all businesses in Yorkshire (and those outside with an interest in Yorkshire) a chance to promote themselves locally, nationally and internationally.

Not for profit, for Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Society is a not for profit organisation and so the ethos behind the event is not to make money but to help those taking part. With support and involvement from both public and private sectors, this event is one not to miss for both particpants and visitors.

Register your interest

We are in the early stages of planning so if you want to be involved as a visitor, exhibitor, sponsor, partner or other, we’d like to hear from you.

A dedicated website providing specific details will be created, and in the meantime we welcome all questions, ideas and suggestions. Please write to and we will ensure you are kept informed.

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