Our friends and Yorkshire compatriots kept up the tradition of celebrating Yorkshire Day, about as far away from Yorkshire as it’s possible to get – New Zealand.

They kindly sent us these photos as proof, as if it were needed.

Because of the working week, celebration started the Sunday before August 1st, when all members of New Zealand’s own well supported Yorkshire Association, and everyone connected to Yorkshire, got together for a slap-up dinner featuring what else, Fish and Chips.

Also on the day’s agenda were:

  • Cap throwing competition.
  • Horseshoe throwing.
  • Yorkshire items for sale.
  • Yorkshire flag arrival and presentation.
  • Reading of the Yorshire declaration.
  • A special Yorkshire Day cake.
  • Singing and recital of the obligtary ‘Ilkley moor ba t’at’ and various Yorkshire stories and poems.
  • Quiz, raffle and prize draws.

We even managed to speak with them during our official Yorkshire Day civic celebration which was held in Ripon. Our Society President, Lord St Oswald and the Deputy Chairman, Geoff Walsh exchanged greeting via a skype link; the time difference, a mear 11 hours!


These people can teach us a thing or two about Yorkshire pride and proving it, and the whole event was supported with music of Aukland Youth Symphonic band. They are all a credit to God’s own County and we can be proud of them and thier efforts to stay connected to Yorkshire.

The Yorkshire flag flying proudly above the Waikato River valley not far from the Tasman sea.

An example to any an every Yorkshire person away from the county, we would like to use them as an inspiration for other Yorkshire diaspora (look it up); wherever you are, you are Yorkshire – don’t forget it, and do whatever you can to remember it, and remind yourself and other of how lucky you are because of it.

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